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570 - 923 - 2044

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ATV Trails will open May 26, 2023 and close September 24, 2023 in Chapman Township

​​TR551 PARK AVENUE from TR312 MAIN STREET at 41°20'50"N,77°42'09"W for 0.42 miles to TR314 SCHOOLHOUSE ROAD at 41°20'55"N, 77°41'56"W
TR559 RED ROW ROAD from TR312 MAIN STREET at 41°21'00"N,77°42'06"N for 0.3 milesto dead end
TR579 YOUNG WOMANS CREEK ROAD from 41°21'14"N, 77°42'14"W along the Right Hand Branch only for 5.36 miles to DCNR road
TR571 SUMMERSON STREET from SR 120 RENOVO ROAD at 41°20'39"N,77°42'12"W for 0.06 miles to GUM ALLEY at 41°20'37"N, 77°42' l0"W
TR550 JACK PAULHAMUS PARKWAY from 41°20'53"N, 77°43'43"W for 0.75 miles to Astrid Street at 41°21'16"N,77°42'08"W

The Board of Supervisors of the Township may add or remove roads on this list in their discretion by resolution approved at a duly held public meeting.

SECTION 4. POSTING OF SIGNS: The roads designated by the Ordinance shall be posted in the manner required by the ATV Law and the regulations adopted pursuant thereto. An ATV may not be operated on any Township Road unless the road has been designated as an ATV Road pursuant to this Ordinance and the road has been posted with signs in accordance with the requirements of law.
SECTION 5. REQUIREMENTS: No ATV shall be operated on any road designated in this Ordinance except in compliance with the applicable provisions of the ATV Law and the following additional requirements

All operators shall have a valid driver's license, license plate, and proof of liability insurance
All ATVs shall be driven at a speed not to exceed 25 miles per hour provided that the maximum speed shall be 15 miles per hour in residential areas
All operators shall yield to all motor vehicle or pedestrian traffic
ATVs may be operated on Township Roads only when a connecting DCNR ATV trail is open to the public and available for ATV use.
ATVs may only be operated on Township Roads during daylight hours
All ATVs must drive in a single file formation and not side by side
ATVs are not permitted in any Township owned park
All ATVs operated on Townships Roads shall have stock exhaust parts only

SECTION 6. OTHER USE OF TOWNSHIP ROADS: The provisions of this Ordinance shall not be deemed to limit or prohibit any other legal activity upon the designated roads which designated roads shall remain open for vehicular and other use by the public as permitted by law. Nothing contained in this Ordinance shall extend to or authorize the use of snowmobiles on any Township Road including those authorized for ATV use.
SECTION 7. PENALTIES: Any person who violates this Ordinance or any provision of the ATV Law and any amendments and regulations adopted thereto, shall be guilty of a summary offense and shall, upon conviction, be sentenced in accordance with the applicable provisions of law to such fines and other penalties as provided therein including those set forth at 75 Pa. C.S. A §§ 7752 and 7753
SECTION 8. LIABILITY: In accordance with the ATV Law, as amended and supplemented (see 75 Pa. C.S.A. § 7722), Chapman Township assumes no liability whatsoever as a result of designating any of the aforesaid Township Roads as roads to be shared by ATV and vehicular traffic.
RECITALS. The above recitals are incorporated by reference into the body of this Ordinance.

AMENDMENT. Amendments to the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and the ATV Law and regulations thereto as may be adopted according to law and which relate to or modify any provision of this Ordinance shall be deemed incorporated into this Ordinance by reference on the effective date of said legislative act without further action of the Township so as to preserve the intent and proper enforcement of this Ordinance.

SEVERABILITY. Should any Section of this Ordinance or part thereof be declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the balance of the Ordinance since it was the intent of the Board of Supervisors that said Ordinance would have been adopted even if such invalid provision had not been included.

REPEALER. All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances which are inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.

EFFECTIVE DATE. This Ordinance shall become effective as permitted by law.

DULY ORDAINED OR ENACTED by the Township of Chapman Board of Supervisors


WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of Chapman Township wish to connect portions of the community and local businesses to existing and planned all-terrain vehicle trails; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of Chapman Township has determined that unregulated roads for shared use by all-terrain vehicles and vehicular traffic poses a health, welfare, and safety concern, and

WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of Chapman Township has determined that it is in the best interest of the residents of the Township to designate certain Township Roads as roads where all­ terrain vehicle use is authorized under certain terms and conditions.

NOW, THEREFORE, be it ORDAINED and ENACTED by the Board of Supervisors of Chapman Township, as follows:

SECTION 1. AUTHORITY AND PURPOSE: This Ordinance is adopted pursuant to the provisions of the Snowmobile and All-Terrain Vehicle Law, 75 Pa. C.S.A §7701, et seq. (hereinafter "the ATV Law"). The purpose of this Ordinance is to designate certain Township Roads in Chapman Township as ATV roads and to permit the designated roads to share ATV and vehicular traffic.
SECTION 2. DEFINITIONS: The terms "all-terrain vehicle" (referred to herein as "ATV") and "snowmobile" shall be defined as set forth in the Section 7702 of the ATV Law, 75 Pa. C.S. A. §7702. as amended and supplemented. The term "Township" shall refer to Chapman Township, Clinton County., Pennsylvania.
SECTION 3. ROAD DESIGNATION: The following roads shall be and are hereby designated as "ATV Permitted Usage" roads so as to allow those roads to be shared by ATV and vehicular traffic:

TR312 MAIN STREET from SR120 RENOVO ROAD at 41°20'40N,77°42'13W for 0.7 miles to TR549 ASTRID STREET at 41°21'14"N, 77°42'14"W
TR313 SUMMERSON MOUNTAIN ROAD from SR120 RENOVO ROAD at 41°20'36N,77°42'15W for 4.5 miles to Pfoutz Valley Road at 41°39'03N,77°52' 35W
TR314 SCHOOLHOUSE ROAD from SR120 RENOVO ROAD at 41°20'50N,77°41'53W for 0.3 miles to TR312 MAIN STREET at 41°21'00N,77°41 '52W
TR315 SKUNK HOLLOW ROAD from TR312 MAIN STREET for 0.21 miles to dead end
TR316 REESE ROAD from SR120 RENOVO ROAD at TR313 SUMMERSON MOUNTAIN ROAD at 41°20'36N,77°42'14W for 0.7 miles to SR120 RENOVO ROAD and TR314 SCHOOLHOUSE ROAD intersection at 41°20'50N,77°41 '52W
TR320 SNYDER STREET from TR550 JACK PAULHAMUS PARKWAY and TR549 ASTRID STREET intersection at 41°21'16"N,77°42'08"W for 0.24 miles to dead end
TR549 ASTRID STREET from TR550 JACK PAULHAMUS PARKWAY at 41°21'16"N,77°42'08"W for 0.1 mile to TR579 YOUNG WOMANS CREEK ROAD at 41°21'14"N, 77°42'14"W