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The township works daily serving the needs of the residents and improving the community.  Just a few of these jobs include maintaining roads and bridges, insuring public safety, managing land use and environmental protection, enforcing ordinances, and building and maintaining recreation areas.  

​​ Chapman  Township  

Clinton County   PA

Did you know that...?

·       Townships are the oldest form of government in the United States.
·       Pennsylvania has 1,454 townships.
·       Townships cover 95 percent of Pennsylvania’s land area.
·       Townships are home to more than 5.5 million citizens in the Keystone State.

                             That's 44 percent of the entire state’s population.
·       Townships are diverse and range from rural communities with fewer than 200 residents to suburban communities of more than 60,000 residents.

Chapman Township provides services for 848 residents, plus numerous camps, along 17 miles of roads in a 101 square mile area. 

The township works daily serving the needs of the residents, improving the community, and working to keep everyone safe.

Various responsibilities which include, but are not limited to: 

  • maintaining roads, bridges, ditches, recycling area, and equipment

  • insuring public safety

  • managing land use and environmental protection

  • enforcing ordinances

  • building and maintaining multiple recreation areas

  • community enhancement projects

These jobs are performed by:

  • three-member Board of Supervisors

  • two-member  Road Crew 

  • one Building/Grounds employee

  • one secretary

  • advisory boards made up of dedicated residents